Welcome to Sheangelo!

Our site started with a simple idea:  How can we support artists in showcasing their art, getting their name out there and enabling them to keep the bulk of what they earn? A fair number of artists, not all, struggle with the marketing and the moving side of selling. Galleries are great and a wonderful way to showcase your work but can get expensive. Trying to create a website to market and sell your work AND create, is time consuming and exhausting.

So here’s what we’re doing: We’re hosting an e-commerce site where artists can sell and keep the lion's share of the revenue. Someplace that will showcase your work and market your art and be a guiding hand. No monthly fee’s, no listing fees, no advertising fees. Anything sold on this site - the artist retains 80% of the sale price of the product.

That other small part of the revenue - it goes to keeping things hopping, like getting your name out in the world, working to market your art to make it more visible, writing a blog about what you do and leave you to do what you do best…create.

We’ll keep things fresh and since most pieces are one of a kind items,customers will always see something new. Thanks for visiting and drop us a line if you’d like to become a part of our community.  Just say hello below.